Continuing Education FAQs


Real Estate Educators proudly offers a diverse menu of 3 ½ hour and 7 hour Real Estate Continuing Education classes presented by knowledgeable and experienced instructors. Classes are offered in five locations. We offer daytime, evening and Saturday classes. The evening and Saturday classes are presented in our North and East locations.
  • NORTH, Arcadia Center, 9401 McKnight Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237
  • EAST, Penn Center East, Bldg. #4 Suite 120, 400 Penn Center Blvd., Pgh., PA 15235
  • SOUTH, Crowne Plaza, 164 Ft. Couch Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237
  • WEST, Crowne Plaza, 1160 Thorn Run Road, Coraopolis, PA 15108
  • GREENSBURG, Hampton Inn, 1000 Towne Square Drive, Greensburg, PA 15601
Who Must Take Continuing Education?

All real estate licensees except for cemetery association broker, cemetery broker, cemetery broker (multi-licensee), cemetery salesperson, rental listing referral agent, campground membership salesperson, builder-owner salesperson, timeshare salesperson, and reciprocal licensees must complete Continuing Education requirements.

How Many Hours of Continuing Education Must a Licensee Complete?

Real estate licensees are required to complete 14 hours of continuing education.

Can a student be late for class or leave early?

The short answer is no. The Rules and Regulations of the PA State Real Estate Commission allow a student to miss a very minimal amount of classroom time. Real Estate Educators strictly abides by the classroom times set by the Commission. If a student is late for class over the amount of time permitted by the Rules & Regulations of the Commission the student will not be admitted into the classroom. The student will not be charged a fee for the class. We encourage all students to be on time for class and not to plan on leaving early.

What is the Deadline for Completing Continuing Education?

Classes must be completed by May 31, 2018 to renew a real estate license.

Are There Any Required Continuing Education Classes?

Licensees who obtained their licenses December 1, 2015, or later and licensees who have never taken a PA Real Estate continuing education course are required to complete a required 14-hour course. The first seven hours of the required course are applicable to all recently licensed practitioners. The other seven hours of the required course are divided into residential and commercial modules and licensees are permitted to choose which module best reflects their practices.

Can a Broker Course be used to Fulfill the 14 Hour Continuing Education Requirement?

Yes. The broker course must be an approved broker course that is at least 15 hours. Further, the course must have been taken on or after June 1, 2016.

Can I Take My Real Estate Continuing Education Classes Online?

Yes. Real Estate Educators offers a variety of online real estate continuing education classes. Click the Enroll in Classes button and then select the Online Classes link to view the class menu.

What's next?

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